Le Faune d’Apollon

Le Faune d’Apollon


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Manufacture Duserre et Cie
Year of Creation: 1799

"Pan had the audacity to challenge Apollo... A merciless struggle ensued, not without reason. With weapons in hand, one playing the flute, the other the lyre, they competed in skill and multiplied the assaults. King Midas, the judge for the occasion, foolishly designated Pan as the winner of this fight from which nothing good could come. Apollo, vexed, turned King Midas' ears into donkey ears and, furious, returned to Olympus."

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  • Roll width: 63 cm 


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  • M2 Finish (non-woven Matte Finish)  A non-woven paper with a smooth, matte finish, exceptional in its ability to radiate colour with a matte, washable and durable texture. 
  • M3 Finish (vinyl Linen)  An elegant and sensual fabric texture, which makes you forget, thanks to its protective vinyl micro layer, that it is also washable and very resistant. 
  • M7 Finish (non-woven Performance Type II) A very high quality paper that excels in all areas: matte, smooth, bright, resistant, anti-microbial, and exceptional colour rendering. 


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