Paper Walls

A Long Story

The story of humankind and wall decoration reaches far and wide. It is said to have begun in the depths of the caves, when the first drawings of animals and plants were etched into their walls. 



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Arrival in Europe

Wallpaper first gained its popularity among the English in the 16th century following the excommunication of Henry VIII, and even more so after the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. The aristocrats and bourgeoisie finally recommenced, with renewed pleasure and joy, to buy luxurious and comfortable items of domestic decoration, which had long been banned under the Puritan
government. It is true that taste and exquisiteness did not always go hand in hand during the reigns of religious fanatics and bellicose dictators!


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And then

In the 18th Century

Names such as Réveillon, Dufour frères, Zuber & Compagnie, Jacquemart, to name but a few, elevated the art and technique of wallpaper printing to the highest level. Their motifs draw, in adherence to the trends of the times, from French landscape, Rococo, Baroque or Neo-Classicism styles. Dare we say, they were at the core of the most subtle and luxurious wallpapers ever made in history. 

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