CRÉATONE 1972-1975

With Créatone, Papier Français pays homage to the innovations ofl’oeuf centre d’études breathing new life into one of the most revered wallpaper collections of the 20th century. Papier Français is proud to birth this new collection, alive with the materials, colours and accents bequeathed by its creators. Applying an unprecedented double-layering printing technique, the original richness of the l’oeuf collection is successfully transmitted and reconstituted in this completely contemporary collection.

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Créatone 1972 - 1975

"contemporary wallpapers : created by l'œuf centre d'études they possess the aesthetic quality innate to this group of designers, who specialize in the research of architectural animation and design. Modern materials: créatone is printed with the most modern mediums of modern day science. new aspects: utilized impression processes confer créatone with an expression that subtly celebrates the rigour of its graphism, as pure as those of major classic drawings."

l'oeuf centre d'études (original text - 1975)
Créatone 6230
Créatone 2401
Créatone 2226
Créatone 2449
Créatone 2451
Créatone 6226
Créatone 6463
Créatone 6464
Créatone 4406
Créatone 2209
Créatone 2409
Créatone 2446
Créatone 4204
Créatone 6229
Créatone 2221
Créatone 2445