The Renaissance of Magic

Restoration Workshop

The wallpapers of the old French manufactures astonish and captivate by means of their originality, unique beauty, and the richness and complexity of their details.

With great patience and utmost humility, we have given them new life so that they may once again be a source of inspiration, pleasure and emotion.


Handmade by French craftsmen more than two centuries ago, our wallpapers have been preciously guarded and archived to survive against the years. But, such a journey through time leaves traces, and heavy renovation work is required in order to restore these iconic papers to their full state of splendour.  


Colour by colour, grain by grain, detail by detail, each wallpaper is faithfully restored to its original state. The colours regain their brilliance, and damaged or missing parts are recreated by hand, requiring hours and hours of meticulous work to restore each motif.

Our team of restoration artists is propelled by pure passion as they breathe new life into the exceptional wallpapers of the former Manufactures of France to reinfuse them with their full beauty and elegance. The most innovative digital technologies are employed in order to respect the sophistication and incredible level of detail of the original creations. Each restored wallpaper is a true work of art that will endow  walls unique and timeless.

What is the most difficult step in the wallpaper restoration process?

There are several sensitive stages in the restovation of an old wallpaper. First of all, the pattern must be reconstructed, parts of which are often missing. In this case it is necessary to redraw or even recreate the missing parts while scrupulously respecting the spirit of the original creation.  

The complete work must then be repainted detail by detail, proceeding hue by hue (a complex pattern may contain a broad spectrum of various pigments). The difficulty of this step is the choice of colours, which must remain absolutely loyal to the original work.